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About IADF Delhi

Institute for Aviation, Defence and Flying is one of leading institute in field of aviation, Defence and Flying.

Aviation & flying sector job creation is seeing great boost now a days due to government initiative on civil aviation sector. Opening of new airports largely increase the demand of skill work force mainly consists of Aeronautical and Aircraft maintenance Engineers and Pilot. Here at our institute we offer courses like diploma and B.tech. in Aircraft Maintenance engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. As we all know aviation sector is regulated by DGCA (Min. of civil aviation) Govt. of India.

Skill engineers have to earn License during their job for higher position. This license exam is different from B.tech. & Diploma. Students have to register them to DGCA for AME and CPL license respectively for engineering and pilot license. Any students with 10+2 (PCM) is eligible for these DGCA license exam and we are one of the best result oriented study center for this course.

No Institute can compact us on two fronts, first result and second fees. Our fees structure is totally student friendly and it is linked with result of student in DGCA exam. In our higher highly professional set up we feel proud succeed journey of our students from ground to sky. Now a days Drone are becoming integral part of our security for as commercial establishments and even farmer are looking at drone high political in farming. As per govt. estimates 1 lac drone engineers and pilot are needed in next 5-6 years. For this reason along with aviation and pilot courses we have started drone engineering classes (a certificate courses) for our engineering students.


Preparation for defense for as is also one of highlight of our centre.

IADF is the only institute where we have made physical training a part of course curriculum along with writes test classes. IADF, a unit of PM Aerotech Pvt. Ltd. is associated with Puran Murti Campus, Sonepat for its B.tech.  & Diploma courses. We welcome all in our campus for their bright successful future.